Engineering Research Centers

National Engineering Research Centers

1. National Engineering Research Center for Water-saving Irrigation at Yangling

2. Yangling Breeding & Agro- biotechnology Center

Ministerial or Provincial Engineering Research Centers

3. West-China Resources and Environment Virtual Research Center

4. Wheat Breeding Engineering Research center, Ministry of Education

5. Yangling Branch of China Wheat Improvement Center

6. Agriculture Pests PCO (Pollution-free Control Operation)Technology Innovation Center

7. New Plant Variety Test Center, Yangling, Ministry of Agriculture

8. National Beef Cattle Improvement Center, Ministry of Agriculture

9. Research Center on Soil and Water Conservation , Minister of Water Resources

10. Northwest Natural Reserves Research Center, State Forestry Administration

11. Animal Embryo Engineering & Technology Center, Shaanxi Province

12. Bio-pesticides Engineering Center, Shaanxi Province

13. Agricultural Products Processing Engineering Center, Shaanxi Province

14. Research Center for Viti-viniculture of Shaanxi province

15. Center of Stem Cells Engineering & Technology, Shaanxi Province

16. Facility Agriculture Engineering Center, Shaanxi Province

17. Shaanxi Research Center in TCM Fingerprint & NP Library

18. Research Center for Recycling Agricultural Engineering Technology, Shaanxi Province

19. Apple Research Center, Shaanxi Province

20. Engineering Research Center for Agricultural Equipment, Shaanxi Province