Main Laboratories


State Laboratory

1. State Key Laboratory of Soil Erosion and Dryland Farming on the Loess Plateau

Ministerial or Provincial Laboratories

2. Key Laboratory of Agricultural Soil & Water Engineering in Arid and Semiarid Areas of Ministry of Education

3. Key Laboratory of plant Protection Resources and Pest Integrated Management, Ministry of Education

4. Key Laboratory of Environment and Ecology in Western China, Ministry of Education

5. Key Laboratory of Water-saving Agriculture in Arid Areas, Ministry of Agriculture

6. Key Laboratory of Animal Reproductive Endocrinology & Embryo Engineering, Ministry of Agriculture

7. Key Laboratory of Crop Pest Integrated Management and Systematics, Ministry of Agriculture

8. Key Laboratory of the Northwest Horticultural Plants Germ-plasm and Genetic Improvement, Ministry of Agriculture

9. State Key Laboratory of Silviculture in Loess Plateau, State Forestry Administration

10. Key Laboratory of Botanical Pesticides Research and Development, Shaanxi Province

11. Key Laboratory of Crop Heterosis Research and Utility, shaanxi Province

12. Key Laboratory of Exploitation & Utilization of Economic Plant Resources, Shaanxi Province

13. Key Comprehensive Laboratory of Forestry,Shaanxi Province

14. Key Laboratory of Genetics and breeding Engineering, Shaanxi Province

15. Key Laboratory for Molecule Biology of Agriculture, Shaanxi Province

16. Key Laboratory for Molecule Biology of Agriculture—Cultivation Base of Province-Ministry Co-construction State Key laboratory