Post-Doctoral Program


Post-doctoral Station (Level-1 Discipline)

Specialty (Level-2 Discipline)


Study field

Agricultural Engineering Agricultural Mechanization Engineering College of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Agricultural Ecology and Resources Utilization, Intelligent detection and automatic control, Intelligent detection and automatic control technology, Agricultural automation technology, Application of computer in agricultural engineering, Water-saving irrigation equipment and automatic control technology, Water-saving irrigation theory and new technology, New technology and equipment of the processing of agricultural products, Agricultural water-saving theory and new technology, Environment and protection of soil and water, Comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste, Agricultural bio-environment monitoring, the use of wood resources and environment
Agricultural Water-soil Engineering College of Water Resources and Architectural Engineering
Agricultural Biological Environment and Energy Engineering
Agricultural Electrification and Automation
Crop Science Crop Genetics and Breeding College of Agriculture Development of dryland agriculture, Crop physiological ecology and high-yielding technology, Utilization of agricultural resources, Advanced farming systems, Breeding of high yield and quality multi-resistant wheat, Introduction of heterogonous gene and the creation of new germplasm, Agricultural biotechnology, Utilization of hybrid wheat, Crop CMS theory and application, New methods of crop genetics and breeding, Crop breeding and food engineering
  Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Horticulture Olericulture College of Horticulture Fruit development and post harvest processing, Fruit germplasm resources, Fruit germplasm resources and breeding, Fruit biotechnology, Vegetables physiological ecology, Protected vegetables, Vegetable breeding and Biotechnology
Tea Science
Utilization of Agricultural Resources Soil Science College of Resources and Environment Soil Geography and information technology, Soil conservation and environmental effects, Dynamic monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of regional ecological environment construction, Soil erosion and soil and water conservation, Soil physics, Soil chemistry, Soil erosion, Sediment nutrients transport processes, Plant nitrogen nutrition, Fertilization and environment, and Soil nutrient cycling.
Plant Nutrition
Plant Protection Plant Pathology College of Plant Protection Entomology and utilization of resources, Insect physiology, Insect ecology and pest control, Plant immunology, Mycology, Ecological pathology, Plant pathology, Chemical pesticides, and Pesticide toxicology
Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control
Pesticide Science
Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management Forestry Economics and Management College of Economics and Management Investment economics and management, Decision-making and development, Modern agriculture operations and management, Comparative management, Livestock economics and trade, Rural finance, Financial engineering theory and technology, Rural financial management, Accounting theory and method, Rural development, History of China's agricultural economy, Agricultural education and management, Construction of small towns and rural development, and Investment(finance) management
Biology Botany College of Life Sciences Plant moisture and drought-resistance physiology, Plant senescence and positharvest molecular mechanism, plant molecular biology, plant molecular pathology, animal molecular biology, resources ecology, sustainable development of agriculture in arid areas, structure and function of ecological system, ecological communities, plant physiological ecology, forest ecosystems, land productivity
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
College of Resources and Environment
Animal Science Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction College of Animal Sciences Biotechnology and livestock breeding, animal genetic resources research, animal breeding principles and methods, animal reproductive physiology and regulation, grass science, animal nutrition and feed science.