Research Achievements


Aiming at the cutting edge of high technology and consistently focusing on the major national and regional strategic needs, the university has been actively participating in basic application and practical research incorporating agricultural production since its founding. Since the establishment, the university has made over 5,000 research achievements, 1,800 of which have been awarded for excellence, including 104 national level prizes. Major achievements include Bima No.1, a wheat variety most widely cultivated in China, Xiaoyan No.6, a long-term leading renewal wheat variety in China, and Qinguan, an apple variety with the largest extension area in China etc. The accumulated direct economic profits from these achievements excess 200 billion yuan. Since the Tenth-Five Plan period (2001-2005), the univeristy has accomplished rapid progress in sci-tech innovation. As many as 250 awards have been granted, including 14 national and 178 ministerial or provincial awards, 221 patents authorized and 210 varieties approved to release; over 1,300 science papers were collected by the three major retrieval systems SCI, EI and ISTP and more than 800 academic works were published. Significant research achievements fall in the fields of somatic cell cloning, embryonic stem cell engineering, hybrid wheat breeding, ecological environment control, etc. The available research grants reached 224 million yuan and more than 20 research achievements were granted national, ministerial or provincial rewards by the end of 2007. Presently 16 academic societies in agriculture, forestry and water resources are affiliated to the university, 20 academic journals are edited and published by the university and a press was established.

 National Awards