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Northwest A&F University, China - New veterinary and animal pharmaceutical research team awarded as key International Cooperation Base of Shaanxi Province, China

Authors: | Date:2015-03-12 09:51:00

Carry out applied research and technology transfer effectively relying on international cooperation

  Recently, our new veterinary and animal pharmaceutical research team was awarded as "International Cooperation Base" by Department of Science and Technology, Shaanxi Province, this is the first time in the history of our school for receiving approval with provincial platform for international cooperation. The award of "international cooperation of Veterinary biological products and new veterinary research base" is a research platform, that has been formed on the basis of long-term research cooperation of new veterinary research team. This team headed by Prof. ZHANG Xiaoying has been in cooperation with overseas research institutes and universities such as Berlin (Humboldt, free) University School of Medicine (Charite); Free University of Berlin, Germany; King's College of London, UK; University of Guelph, Canada; PSG College of Arts & Science (affiliated to Bharathiar University), India.

  This research team mainly focuses on the continuous variations in the pathogenicity of microorganisms, emergence of drug resistant microbes, antibiotics abuse, drug residues in food products, etc., for developing new veterinary biologics and novel drugs. They have prepared antigen and antibody for detection on large-scale by means of modern biological technologies and genetic engineering. The team involves in the research and development of rapid detection kits for animal pathogens, veterinary drug residues and banned additives. It also focuses on promoting antibiotics alternative research by screening and developing antibodies, antimicrobial peptides and natural antibacterial substances, antibacterial nano-drugs, novel biological and vaccine in order to meet the demand of human and animal health.

  To strengthen research cooperation and achieve desired research result, this  team has established research partnerships with world renowned universities and research institutions. The team has constructed the research platform for immunodiagnostics, antibody drug development and structure analysis (Britain), Sino-German botanical research, mechanism of veterinary medicine (Canada).The team has undertaken The Ministry of Education overseas teacher project, Natural Science Foundation of international cooperation projects, High-end foreign experts project, international cooperation among Foreign Experts Bureau, projects  from Shaanxi Province and the intra school, CSC, DAAD, DFG and a number of international cooperation projects.

  The base emphasizes on the introduction of international advanced technological innovation (e.g advanced technique, advanced idea, the cultivation of the talent), and drives the technological cooperation in the field and region, but also paying attention to going out at the right time. Combined with the China’s “Road and Belt” initiative, we have turned our face to India, Pakistan and the Central Asian countries to carry out technological communication, which have expanded and radiated our academic influence in developing countries. The successful approbation of Provincial International Cooperation Base will greatly promote the research and development of our veterinary biologics and new veterinary drugs in line with international standards and that make our university become an important platform for international cooperation and exchange in the field of research and development of veterinary biologics and drugs.