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13th A&F College Students English Speech Contest Held

Authors: | Date:2014-10-22 04:13:00

On October 17th, the 13th A&F College Students English Speech Contest as well as FLTRP Cup National English Speech Contest Trial were held at Xiushan Center on northern campus.

Folowing the given topic of“Change the unchangeable”, 15 participants from A&F colleges and departments competed in prepared speech, unprepared speech, question and answer. After fierce competition, Fu Guo from Department of Foreign Languages won the special award of English-major group with 92.24 grades, and Kong Jinpeng from College of Water Resources and Architectural Engineering won that of non-English-major group with 91.06. In the English-major group, Liu Jiayi won the first prize , and Yan Huan the second;while in the  non-English-major group,Liang Zichen and Yang Jingwen won the first prize, and He Jie, Zhou Tianai, as well as Shi Rubing won the second. Besides, Chen Zhengnan, Tong Ming, Zhang Chunyang, Zuo Wenying, Wang Xiaoqi and Li Yuanzhen got the 3rd prize.

Vice president Luo Jun delivered a speech and watched the contest together with hundreds of teachers and students.He indicated that it was like sailing against the current to learn English, thus to be determined and persistent was necessary for improving our English. What’s more, Luo gave full affirmation to the achievements that A&F University students had made in various English speech contest in recent years, and he expressed his hope for more accomplishments, encouraging students to study with assiduity and grow into internationalized personnel, so that A&F University’s goal of becoming world-class agricultural college would be realized.


Translated by: Deng Wenting

Proofread by: Yang Xiaofeng

Edited by: Yang Yaorong