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A&F Awarded in Provincial Classics Chinese Recitation

Authors: | Date:2014-11-13 08:56:00

On November 6th, the awarding ceremony of Chinese Classics Recitation of Shaanxi Education System was held in Chang’an campus of Shaanxi Normal University, A&F entry,Train to the West,won first prize and the University was titled as “Best Organization Unit”.

During the ceremony, the wonderful performance of A&F student art group was greeted with applause. Liu Bin, former associate director of the State Education Commission, and Fan Xiaomei, deputy director of Provincial People’s Congress Standing, awarded the prize to A&F teachers and students. They gave affirmation to A&F participants’ brilliant performance, and took pictures with all A&F members.

Classics Chinese Recitation in Shaanxi Education System was jointly held by Shaanxi Language Committee and Shaanxi Education Department, in which there were 81 pieces of work participated in colleges and universities group. Since last July when the activity started, it has been lasting for more than one year. A&F University held a selection contest itself this June, after which the recitation of Biao Yuhang, Sun Huaxin, Wan Fanghui, Fang Yuan, Yang Huibo and Li Ying from the host team of student art group was selected to participate standing for the university.The work is a masterpiece of famous modern poet He Jingzhi, which eulogized the passionate age, delivering the ideal of developing northwestern China and building a new China,through describing a train with educated youth towards northwest.

Translated by: Deng Wenting

Proofread by:  Yang Xiaofeng

Edited by: Yang Yaorong