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President Sun Met with Delegation from Kyrghyzstan National Agricultural University

Authors: | Date:2014-11-13 08:59:00

On Nov.6th, president Sun Qixin met with, Nurgaziev Rysbek, president of Kyrghyzstan National Agricultural University at 202 VIP room in administrative building.

President Sun introduced the basic condition and pointed out that chairman Xi Jinping’s visit to four central Asia countries enhanced the cooperation in economy, science and technology, and education. A&F will develop cooperation relationship with Kyrghyzstan National Agricultural University in the field of agricultural technical cooperation, personnel training and exchange, aiming to promote the development of bilateral friendly relations between the two countries.

President Nurgaziev Rysbek expressed that as the only one Agricultural University in Kyrghyzstan, it had developed cooperation relation with Henan Technical College, Lanzhou University, and Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He hoped that by cooperation, the two universities could enhance the exchange in the field of corn and animal husbandry and promote the economic development of the central Asia regions, taking A&F advanced agricultural technology, research achievement and educational experience as reference.

Then, on behalf of two universities, president Sun Qixin and president Nurgaziev Rysbek signed the cooperation memorandum.

Translated by: Qiao Caixia

Proofread by: Yang Xiaofeng

Edited by: Yang Yaorong